HSE -Manager

Overall objective of the role is to be a visible and engaged champion to drive HSE performance improvement. The focus of the role is implementation of Seadrill’s Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSE) requirements and the provision of best-in-class operational HSE support across the Area, preventing accidents, injuries, near misses, environmental impacts, asset damage and reputational impact.
  • Seadrill Management System
  • Champion HSE and Operational Discipline including core areas of
  • Task Process – PIMED - “Plan - Identify – Manage - Execute – Debrief” 
  • Occupational Safety rules - Seadrill Safe Actions
  • Process Safety
  • Human Factors
  • Active, engaged and visible leadership with offshore management and crews via a ‘boots on deck’ approach, and with onshore management 
  • Act as HSE Subject Matter Expert (SME) and resource, providing professional knowledge in and ensuring HSE, ISM compliance, regulatory, customer/contractual requirements and Seadrill’s HSE Management System are clearly understood and implemented in the Area
  • Plan and manage internal and external HSE Audits (Including ISM, Area HSE, Regulatory, Customer HSE Audits), and actively support planning, implementation and close-out of Company-level Audits.
  • Engage with Operations/Area Directors, Rig Managers and OIMs to ensure integration of HSE requirements and objectives into Area operations, planning and execution
  • Ensure active engagement of all onshore Area HSE team with Safety Officers on rigs in Area as an integral part of the Area HSE team and HSE Function 
  • Ensure active engagement of all onshore Area HSE team with Medics on rigs in Area as an integral part of the Area HSE team and HSE Function  
  • Manage and control development of Area HSE procedures to ensure those are only produced for specific regulatory compliance or other specific requirements such as Emergency Response. Where deviations are required, ensure appropriate bridging documents and Non-Conformities in place and approved
  • Monitor Chemwatch compliance across Area and ensure active use of Chemwatch system
  • Develop, manage and conduct drills of Area Level Emergency Response Plans, including case management in the CIM system. Ensuring All ERPS and MERPs are up-to-date, meet requirements and are approved and controlled documents in TMS
  • Actively support Rig Start-Ups, including early engagement with rigs and NOR, working with all levels of management to ensure resources are identified and in place for effective pre-operations support and successful delivery of 3-months Operations Start Up HSE Program - including HSE Coaching teams 
  • Carry out emergency response team duties as defined in Level 2 ERP (Incident Management Plan)
  • Ensure notification of HSE events as per requirements

Continual Improvement

  • Schedule and deliver Area HSE meetings and other communications as per HSE communications directive, and monitor and lead improvement of quality and effectiveness of HSE communication in the Area
  • Conduct performance reviews in collaboration with Area, Operations and Rig Management teams and provide support as required to meet HSE performance targets, leading indicator compliance and expectations
  • As part of ISM code requirements, actively ensure and support Master’s Reviews, and Area HSE Committee Meetings (including detailed review of feedback on TMS from Master’s Reviews), and ensure recording and logging of meetings is reflected in ISM dashboard.
  • Support Operations Director in ensuring HSE Event investigations meet required standards (including required resources) and monitor and review investigations for quality, comprehensiveness and system compliance:
  • Oversight of all HSE investigations in Area, acting as Lead Investigator as required. Area Investigations shall be led by a member of the onshore HSE team where possible and shall be priority tasks
  • Monitor and review audit results and leading indicators, including quality of STAR cards, WSV/PTW Audits etc to identifying trends and addressing issues proactively to determine development Areas across Area fleet improving compliance and driving safe operations
  • Facilitate management team in HSE performance data-led review of Red Rig Recovery plans to ensure root cause issues have been addressed by the plan, and monitor and actively support implementation of Red Rig Recovery Plans 
  • Identify and communicate industry good practices, lessons learned, safety and environmental alerts with Operations and the Seadrill fleet. Ensure implementation of findings and results are communicated with management for appropriate action
  • Oversee development, monitoring and implementing of Rig HSE plans
  • Support Rig Managers and Safety Officers on required reporting in Synergi and carry out compliance and quality assurance checks to ensure the quality of actions, evidence for actions, and close-out are provided on cases
  • Oversee Occupational Health/ Industrial Hygiene requirements across the Area 
  • Review with the Medical Services Provider and Corporate Medical Director Patient Trends and other Health KPIs on a minimum of a quarterly basis. 
  • Oversight and quality assurance of all Area Synergi cases ensuring suitable investigation, follow-up, action, and closure within required deadlines
  • Oversee the quality of ENVID and Environmental Aspects/ Impacts registers on all rigs
  • Responsible for reporting emissions onshore. 

  • Ensure Customer Bridging documents are in place and current
  • Support operations with engagement with the customer as required
  • Engage with customer’s HSE teams and 3rd service providers

  • Actively promote Seadrill and participate in industry forums such as IADC (e.g. HSE&T conferences etc.) 
  • Maintain SME knowledge of industry initiatives impacting Seadrill operations (e.g. DROPS)

HSE Regulations
  • Know in detail HSE regulatory requirements and regimes in the Area of operations
  • Maintain engagement and strong working relationships with HSE regulatory representatives 
  • Manage, maintain, and participate (where appropriate) in HSE regulatory audits and rig close-out meetings.

HSE Team Development
  • Continually challenge and develop Area HSE team through demonstrated leadership to ensure succession planning and a competent HSE support structure that achieves excellence in work planning, identifying risks, communication, problem-solving, investigation, and HSE leadership
  • Ensure HSE team development includes rig Safety Officers and Medics
  • Ensure HSE team participation in the functional review of respective rig Safety Officer performance as part of OIM’s annual performance appraisal of their Safety Officers
  • Ensure HR performance management requirements are implemented for the Area HSE team

Our goal is to ensure that ‘nobody gets hurt’ whilst performing their job. Everyone at Seadrill has a part to play in meeting our safety commitment.
Through strong leadership and personal responsibility from all employees, we take a systematic approach to identifying, managing and preventing the hazards involved in our day-to-day operations. Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety, and security of our workforce and the communities in which we operate and behaving responsibly towards our shared environment. We are vigilant, disciplined, and always looking out for one another. We have developed and embedded a strong safety culture onshore and offshore, fostered by all employees, who each have personal responsibility and the authority to put an immediate stop to the job if they believe it to be unsafe. Everyone at Seadrill is accountable for helping to build this culture of care.
In Seadrill, setting the standard is not just about what we deliver, but how we deliver it.
We co-created our Behavioural Framework with our employees, where we identified four key competencies that define our culture and help us to live our values. Our behaviors are embedded in the way we work and support and guide us day to day:

  • Drive & Ownership
  • Change & Forward Thinking
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Service Delivery

  • Must possess good analytical skills and be able to communicate well in person
  • Team-oriented and must aim to continually monitor and promote all core HSE processes to Offshore Crews and Onshore Rig Management. 
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in Offshore HSE or 10 Years’ Experience in Onshore HSE related field (Management/ Supervisory)

Minimum Requirements
  • Higher education qualification in HSE/Engineering 
  • Valid Kelvin Topset Lead investigator training. 
  • Medfit, Offshore survival training, and BOSIET for Area assigned. 

  • NEBOSH, OSHA, and NFPA Experience/Certifications Preferred

  • Applicants must be able to speak and write Norwegian fluently.

Questions regarding the position may be directed to Finn-Einar Mæle, General Manager in FinnPersonal Search & Selection, by phone at +47 926 84 466 and/or email at finn@finnpersonal.no