The most important benefits that FinnPersonal offer to our clients are availability and personal service, as well as unique insight in and understanding of the market.

Availability and Personalized Service for Both Clients and Consultants:

  • Our focus is on ongoing dialogue and high responsiveness towards all clients and consultants
  • We are always available between 7:30 – 22:00 on weekdays and between 10:00 – 18:00 during weekends

Unique Insight into Clients’ Needs:

  • Our candidate and consultant database includes more than 15,000 consultants, specialists and managers
  • Our focus is on specialists and managers within our disciplines
  • We carry out between 100-150 recruitments annually
  • We tailor needs by combining recruitment and hiring out consultants
  • Considerable knowledge of emerging markets and trends means that we are flexible and can adapt quickly
  • We handle our clients and candidates in a professional and respectful manner
  • We have high customer satisfaction and a consistently high level of renewed purchases from our clients

Unique Insight into the Needs of our Candidates and Consultants:

  • We have a large network in the regional business community and many active clients
  • Our clients have continuous needs for specialists and managers within our disciplines
  • We can provide both consulting assignments and permanent positions
  • Many of our consultants land permanent positions with our clients
  • We have a flexible, positive and service oriented staff
  • We have a professional and respectful attitude to both consultants and clients
  • We have high customer satisfaction and a high degree of renewed purchases and stable clients

Satisfaction Guaranteed on Recruitment of Permanent Positions:

To help secure good customer experiences, we have introduced a recruitment guarantee, Read more…